Congregation Beth Abraham
Baltimore, Maryland
Welcome to our Shul!

Vaccine Policy for All Attendees of Hertzbergs

 In an effort to ensure that our shul remains a healthy and safe environment for all members of our community, the shul’s policy is that any individual who has not received the vaccinations required by Maryland State for students attending school (please click here for current listing) may not enter the shul or its premises. If someone has a medical reason why they should not receive the vaccinations, that individual may request an exemption by contacting Rabbi Katz (

Rabbi Katz continues his daily (S-Th) Zoom session at 6:30pm.

Use this link to particapate:

If you wish to participate by telephone, call 301-715-8592, and then enter 81314283292#.

All participants will be muted on connection. Please remain muted unless you are asking a question (as that helps Zoom to run more smoothly). For technical issues, please call Dave Weintraub, at 410-358-3283 or 443-690-3517.

Schedule of Services

Schedule for the week of 9/20:

Tzom Gedalia:
Fast begins: 5:41am
Shachris (beginning with Selichos): 6:30am
Mincha/Maariv: 6:40pm
Fast Ends: 7:48pm

Tuesday - Friday morning: Selichos at 6:35 AM followed by full Shachris

Mincha: 6:40 PM

Shobbos Shuva
Shachris: 9:00 AM
Shobbos Shuva Drasha: 4:50 PM
Mincha: 6:40 PM
Maariv: 7:40 PM

Sunday - Erev Yom Kippur
Shachris: 7:45 AM
Mincha: 2:30 PM

Yom Kippur

Indoor Minyan:
Kol Nidrei 6:40 PM
Shachris 8:00 AM
Mincha 4:40 PM
Neilah 6:00 PM

Outdoor Minyan:
Kol Nidre   6:50 pm
Shacharis    9:00 am
Yizkor   after 10:00 am
Mincha  4:30 pm
Neilah  6:00 pm


Fast ends  7:37 PM