Congregation Beth Abraham
Baltimore, Maryland
To sponsor a KIDDUSH or SEUDAH SHLISHIS, please contact Ralph Frier, 410-358-1544.

To purchase a leaf on the TREE OF LIFE, please contact Barbara Lasson, 410-358-4649.

To purchase memorial plaque, please contact Mayer Katz, 410-358-8110. 

To have milestones announced in the Bulletin, please contact Seth Moshman, 410-358-1726.

For mitzvah cards, please call Barbara Lasson, 410-358-4649.

For any questions regarding donations, please email our treasurer, Mr. Jay Meyers, 410-358-1064.


You can use the form below to make your donation [To use credit card for payment of membership dues and/or holiday seats, please use "Credit Card" tab above.]

Donation Form

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